Whenever people say "women are powerful", many women take it as a usual joke. But whenever people say "women are meant for the kitchen", women frown. Truth being told, the African society may seem to condition the psyche of women effect regular home duties at the expense of entrepreneural duties. 

A handful of technologies has come and gone. Unfortunately, very few women took the front seats in dining table of it's early adopters. The internet as an example saw the likes of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Ma of Alibaba, amongst others. Where were the WOMEN? 

Just recently, another groundbreaking technology came to light; The Blockchain Technology. I'll repeat this question; Where are the WOMEN? 

It's also sad to observe again that only few women are currently disrupting this technology. What could possibly be the solution? 

 While the men take turns to talk about the blockchain technology in the media, they should remember to mention women that are making significant contributions in the space.

Just as a information gives power to the powerless, women should spend a considerable amount of their time, daily, in Blockchain Education. Though blockchain education seems to be expensive, there are few Crypto startups that offers free CRYPTO education to women, just as BLOCKCHAIN AFRICAN LADIES is offering to African women. 

Taking an indept examination of cryptocurrencies, an offspring of the blockchain technology, and  its broader applications, some women are actually disrupting in Blockchain development, Angel investing, Crypto Advisory. 

For instance, 

(1) Piper Moretti is the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group. Her company specializes in real estate transactions using cryptocurrency,

(2) Blythe Masters, a former JP Morgan Chase executive, founded Digital Asset Holdings, a blockchain startup focused on financial services.

(3) Maxine Ryan is the COO and co-founder at Bitspark, the world’s first cash-in, cash-out blockchain remittance platform 

(4)  Elizabeth Rossiello of BitPesa and 

(5) Manju Mohan the co-CEO and co-founder of Ionixx Technologies. 

The influence of women on the Cryptocurrency and blockchain may experience rapid growth as we are about to start experiencing all-female crypto conferences across the globe. An example is the CRYPTO SPRING OCT2018 conference taking place in Los Angeles in October. Reference:  http://www.cryptosprings.org/. 

Its worthy to note that  this technology may speedly take a faster adoption and acceptance with the participation and active contributions of women as builders, players and users of the blockchain technology. 

 Here in Africa, BLOCKCHAIN AFRICAN LADIES (BAL) whose mission is to educate women around Africa and opening their hearts to see the potentials the blockchain holds and how they can implement this technology giving them financial inclusion and freedom also support vulnerable women giving them access to a better life for those that cant afford some basic needs. 

Let's embrace the Blockchain technology! Let's encourage the African woman!

Once you have convinced a woman, you have convinced a network!Blockchain African Ladies