Gender Imbalance: Women Underrepresented In Blockchain Tech


It’s no secret that within tech, women are underrepresented. While it does vary depending on sub-sector, the rough percentage kicked about is 25 percent.

The number of female tech founders stands at only 5 percent. It’s a phenomenon even more pronounced in the cryptocurrency community. 97 percent of those involved in the space are male, while women make up just 5 percent of cryptocurrency users worldwide.

In 2017 Bitcoin investors amassed $85 billion in wealth, with women getting $5 billion of that pie. Various arguments exist to explain why this might be the case.

Women are generally underrepresented in STEM subjects throughout academia – with 35 per cent of STEM graduates are women – resulting in a smaller pool of female applicants for key jobs in blockchain companies. There is also a line of thinking among some that women in general are far more risk averse and therefore less likely to invest in something as volatile as cryptocurrency. However, more pernicious, misogynistic arguments also exist: some suggest that women simply do not understand, or are incapable of understanding cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology.

Given the levels of misogynistic behaviour prevalent in our society, it is no surprise the crypto community remains a male dominated space. Worse still, this massive imbalance in female representation, ensures that few women are in leadership positions at crypto companies to significantly change the cult.

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